About Your PTO

Feel free to reach out to any of your PTO board members to ask questions, get clarity, or learn more about how to get involved.

Not sure who to contact?  Take a look at our Who Does What Chart

Our Mission

President Kristina Dvorak k.dvorak89@gmail.com
Past President Amy Vohs amyvohs4@gmail.com
Treasurers Bridget Brackin bridget.spaniol@gmail.com
Heather Dorsey dorseyh@hotmail.com
Fundraising Stephanie Stile steph.e.stiles@gmail.com
Beth Caruth bethcaruth@gmail.com
Andrea Horazdovsky mrsdovsky@gmail.com
Volunteer Coordinators Tia Simpson simpson.tia23@gmail.com
Stephanie Marolt stephanie.marolt@gmail.com
Jamie Cook jcook424@gmail.com
Philanthropy Kenan Guilmette kcguilmette@gmail.com
Maggie Kirchoff maggiekirchoff@gmail.com
Public Relations/Yearbook Melia Ogrodnik melia.ogrodnik@gmail.com
Emily Pettersen pettersen.emily@gmail.com
Room Parent Liaison Kristin Dunlap kdunlap@hmblaw.com
Secretary Danielle Gutzmer drgutzmer@gmail.com

Community Builders              Molly Kerr                   mollymkerr@gmail.com

Laurie Ness                 lauriej.ness@gmail.com


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    Your 2018-2019 PTO Board « Clear Springs PTO said:
    September 12, 2018 at 1:33 pm

    […] About Your PTO […]


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